Changeup and Fastball Velocity the Same? 16 yrs old LHP

Heres my question: im a 6’3 195 16 yr old LHP and sit around 78-81 my changeup, however, is actually 75-76, i’m confused because wouldn’t that mean that I should be throwing 82-85?? I’ve really been trying to figure this out. im not sure what I do differently with my changeup and my fastball, to make their velocity so close. PLEASE HELP!

Sounds like a grip issue. There are too many change up grips to list, and probably more than I know. I have been working with my boy on a variation of the circle change. Basically it is throwing a fastball with the ring and pinky instead of the pointer and middle. Grip a two seam with the pinky and ring on the seams and throw it like a fastball. Like most change ups, it will feel funny at first. The theory behind the change up is to keep your arm speed up and have the ball come out slower. I’ve heard of people throwing a fastball with their toes curled, too shut their legs down when they throw.

What are you trying to accomplish with the pitch? If you are looking for speed differential try getting your more powerful fingers, middle and pointer, more on the side of the ball. Monkey around with your grip. Or, if you have good movement on the pitch just embrace it as a “power changeup”. Works for Greinke.

Perhaps another issue is your fastball. At your age and size your fastball seems a little slow. Are you maybe cutting it or otherwise getting poor spin efficiency which is causing you to lose velo on the fastball?

Can you get some slomo video of your hand at release on both pitches?

Do some googling on both changeup grips and fastball spin efficiency. If you are getting good movement with the current changeup I would focus on fastball grip and trying to transfer more energy into that pitch with better grip perhaps,

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I like the idea to go with the power change. That’s what my son throws, and the downward movement makes it a very solid third-strike pitch. Here’s a video in which Stephen Strasburg does a great job explaining the grip he uses.

My spin efficiency is always 99 or 100%. My spin rate is 2040-2100. My hip shoulder separation isn’t great but it’s not terrible. I’m kinda confused.

How well do you build ground force and transfer it up the chain through your load and drive phase? Got any video? There are some good guys on here who can evaluate your movement patterns and point out inefficiency.

Throw the change with a stiff wrist. Some coaches say pulling down a shade,