Changed my mind Again

I have again changed my workout program. The basis of this is going to be tons of throwing, long distance running and lots of ab/core work. I will throw in some sprints, arm excercises and explosive leg work a time or two per week.

I know mostly everyone will say that long distance running is bad, it works slow twitch muscle fibers, etc but here is my reasoning for this change.

First off, How often did Cy Young or Walter Johnson lift weights? Probablly never formally. They got good by just throwing when ever they could.

Second, when ever you go to a MLB game you see pitchers running poles. They have done this for years and years. If it really was so bad for their preformance, than you would think someone would figure it out and tell them not to do them. Plus, where I live there was a decent pitcher who threw low to mid 80’s. In the off season he ran 2 miles everyday. He was able to gain 6-8 mph in one off season, and can hit 90 consistantly.

As for the abs I think everyone would agree that a solid core is very important.

Your thinking is flawed. Just because guys old-time pitchers didnt have modern weightlifting doesn’t mean they didnt anything besides throwing.

[quote]Young, a farmer by background and at heart, performed farming chores and chopping wood during the offseason to keep his arm fresh.[/quote] I never knew that before, but it does lend credence to my earlier boxing/ baseball training exercises. You could probably get the same effect by taking a 20 pound sledge and hitting a tire (or chop wood if you have an axe).

Walter Johnson also grew up on a farm. Hauling around heavy items and working all day made a lot of the players from that era really strong (check out Jimmy Foxx).

And finally, running poles is not the same as running cross-country. I am not going to get into the semantics of slow twitch muscle fibers versus fast twitch, because it is well documented scientifically. Maybe Mike can point you to some resources that will explain it more clearly than I have. But, I think you have never really given weight-lifting a real effort. You seem intent on running, and if that makes you happy then I think you should do it. In the end, you are the one that makes the choice, not us. So I encourage you to do whatever you feel is best. We will give the best advice possible, but you are the one that makes the decision.

Hope all works out for ya

Well living on a farm myself, it is not uncommon to do things like chopping wood, hauling 50 lb bags of grain around, carrying 2 5 gallon buckets of water, etc.

As for the running there are two reasons why I am intent on doing it. First off I already signed up for cross country, so I can’t quit. Plus it is fun and we do stuff besides long distance running (sprints, hills, etc.)

Second, for the first part of the off season my goal is to just get overall more athletic. I am sort of one of those kids who doesn’t look fat (and I’m not), but I’m not really all that athletic.