Change vs Curve


Hey guys, Joe here again. I’m a 6’5 205 pound RHP that hits 85-86 with my polished up mechanics, I throw rather hard for high school and my curve has always been suspect, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. However, my change is deadly. Always gets guys looking silly and would like to use my change more often but it seems as if the change is not featured as much anymore. What do I do? I want to let my pitching coach know about this but I’m not sure if he’ll like the idea? Thoughts on this?


Just play catch with whatever new pitch you want to try and see what works, when you find what works, then get comfortable with it.


I already know my change is a much more effective pitch but my high school coach scout for 35 years for the Cardinals, Yankees, Pirates, and is now a freelancing scout for the Royals tells me to just trust my catcher who is a D1 catcher, when I shake off he gets mad. I don’t know what to do.


I wouldn’t say the change isn’t featured much. But I might say there aren’t that many pitchers who throw a good change so that might limit how often you see them thrown.

Definitely talk to your coach and catcher. Get on the same page before each game or bullpen.