Change ups

Why do people say that it is not good to throw changeups to batters of your pitching side? Like if I am a righty why is it not good to throw a change up to a right hander?

The change-up or off-speed as its sometimes referred to, is a pitch that has more to do with your level of talent and the competitive environment that your in. … then remarks like you just mentioned.

For example, lets say your fourteen (14) and your so-so pitch selection includes what you referred to as a change-up. Well, this pitch … the change-up, has to do just that … CHANGE something relative to the batter’s expectations, or his last look-see from your last pitch, no to mention you control of location … incoming velocity, and so forth. For a lot of youngsters… this CHANGE is anything but. Usually, the pitch is served up on a plate… just to good to pass up, and smack, your looking into the lights.

Also I might add, a change-up requires tons of practice and fine tuning because of two elements …the human element and the environmental element. The human element requires a trained focal point with superb hand/eye coordination, depth perception, muscle conditioning and endurance tolerances, game strategies, and understanding your competitor(s). The environmental element(s) are the surface conditions that your working off of, the climate that your in, game time during the day or under the lights, etc. Unfortunately, mastering this pitch requires a lot of time and devotion that most youngster don’t have – thus the results when using this pitch during game time has limited reinforcement

Even the accomplished professional will “sail” a pitch down the pike and, wammo, right into the clouds.

So if your pitching frosh, JV, Babe Ruth, Connie Mack, Legion, AAU, and so on, don’t think that one phrase fits the bill for any pitch. In fact, the off-speed or change-up, is one of thee most difficult pitches to master and control. This pitch can have many attributes to it, which lends itself to being just as difficult to hit as it is to pitch.

By the way, a great place to practice this pitch is during BP –batting practice. Any club that I’ve been on I have my rotation toss BP… not me, as is the custom. And every single pitch is an change-up delivery. Some of my guys got so good at varying the change-up and its subtleties, that I was asked not to bring THAT pitcher back for tossing BP.

Coach B.

This is a mis-conception. I have seen MLB pitchers succeed by throwing changeups to both righties and lefties. The same goes for a splitter. It doesn’t make sense to eliminate one of your pitches just because a batter is on the opposite side of the plate.