i throw a palmball as my change-up… little downward break… not accurate at all recently.

out of 10 maybe 2-3 go over the plate :expressionless:

so i was thinking about developing another change-up and ditch the palm


if u say circle change i got no idea how you spin that so if you could elaborate
that would be much appreciated

i personally like to throw the circle change, i assume by what you said you know the proper grip.

When throwing it i try to throw it just like a two-seam fastball, and make sure you don’t try and slow down your arm. You sort of have to aim it below where you want to throw it, at least for me it seems it end up higher up than i want it, probably because of the weaker tendons in your fingers.

theres plenty of different grips ive seen over the net…

which do you use?

Try to fool around which ever change-up works for you. if it’s not the palm ball it could be something else. Also remember practice makes perfect it takes time and effort to learn how to throw a good change-up.

Plans to have a good change-up
Throw it 5 minutes a day just change-ups
Find a comfortable grip
Don’t chock the ball to much just nice and firm but loose wrist.
Throw it fastabll arm speed
Think of the change-up as the un hittable fastball.

also make sure the change-up is out infront of you because it will be a little wild if not.

I grip it along the two parallel seams used for a two-seamer, but with my middle and ring finger instead of index and middle. Then i touch my index finger and thumb together, an leave my pinkie pressed against the side of the ball.

you could also try the 3 finger changeup if your searching for a pitch you can have excellent control over. I don’t think it moves as much as a circle-change though.

3 finger doesn’t move at all. if you leave it up its going to get HAMMERED

i have a practice tomorrow… il tryout the circle

ive tried this out before but the ball spins like a 2 seam…

is this how it should spin?

I hold mine as a 4 seam so it looks like my 4 seam fastball its what ever is more comfortable.

i meant…

is it supposed to spin like a fastball or are the index and thumb supposed to angle the ball somewhat or what?

sopose to spin like a fastabll

so theres really no point in making the circle… it has no affect on the ball.

and i thought the circlechange was suposed to break slightly left to a right handed batter.

with fastball spin how is this possible?

wouldn’t spin other than that of a fastball give away the fact that its not a fastball?

ok im sorry it might have an effect

All the change-up does is goes straight then dropes.

The effect is it looks like a fastaball but goes slower because of the grip.

so the only difference between a circle and any other change is the grip?

Some people can throw a straight change-up which is a 3 finger change-up. But do what ever feels best for you. The circle has a little sink.



as u can probly tell by now - im a bit retarded :frowning:

circle changes usually drop down and away(rigth vs. righty) like a screwball

Don’t you mean down and in Right vs righty if it has screwball action.

yeah sorry, that is what i meant