Change up

Ok i put this question on another forum and most people disagreed with me …i want to ask it here because this is a strictly pitching forum.

I throw a palm ball change up and it has good drop…when it has good drop can it be considered a breaking pitch? I consider a good change up to be a breaking ball because a good changeup is a dropping changeup…what do you guys think

I don’t think a changeup is a breaking ball, but it is a offspeed pitch. Some fastballs (like Maddux’s and Peavy’s) dive but they aren’t considered a breaking ball.

well a sinker /splitter/forkball are all considered breaking pitches right? my change up has the same movements

Who really cares? Does it mess with his timing? If yes, then it is good!!

A good change moves…but doesn’t break.

You can’t just consider a good changeup a breaking ball and not consider any changeup a breaking ball, that’s like saying a flat slider is not a breaking ball and a sharp slider is a breaking ball. But I would not consider a changeup a breaking pitch because it is strictly used to get the hitter out in front and disrupt the hitters timing on your fastball.

hahah still , i saw this guy pitching against a college team called rice…you couldnt tell wether that pitch was a change up or some other awesome breaking pitch (it was a circle change)

A change-up can be but need not be a breaking pitch. The main characteristic of a change-up is its speed. If you can command a change-up that is effectively slower than your fastball and you can throw it using fastball arm speed, it will be a successful pitch.

If you can get movement on your change-up, that is icing on the cake. But, when working on your change-up, most of your focus should be on getting command of the pitch and on maintaining fastball arm speed, IMHO.