change up

when i throw a circle change should i tuck the ball into my hand like a palm ball?

when i throw mine i grip it on my fingers and throw it off my middle and ring finger.

I cant really say…I throw strictly a palmball which i now consider to be a true breaking pitch

i throw the circle change with it tucked back in my hand, i don’t throw this pitch too much cause it’s much tougher to control (for me at least) than the three-finger changeup. I also find it easier to “turn the ball over” using the three-finger grip. The ball should be tucked back in your palm to keep the velocity at a minimum. There is a difference between the way the circle-change and the three-finger change moves. A circle-change will move slightly in to a righty (from a RHP). Whereas the three-finger change will just roll off the table (a good one at least). In my opinion, the changeup is the second best pitch in the game, second only to the good 4-Seam Fastball.