change up

my change up goes as fast as my fastball help???

Tell us how you throw your change.

i throw it like a fastball encept with three fingers on the ball

Put your middle finger and ring finger on the seams, put the rest of your fingers evenly spaced around the rest of the ball. Then relax your wrist…this it the key to a great change-up is keeping your wrist relaxed, now throw it like a fastball. Good Luck

Tell us how to throw your gyroball.

Two ways to take velocity off the pitch: (1) take a stronger finger off the ball and replace it with a weaker finger, and (2) pronate to impart force around the ball instead of through the ball. Or both. :wink:

i tried that but then i have no control how bout i try out the circle change

For any pitch, just make sure you have middle finger and thumb splitting the ball in half. And a loose grip on the ball allows it to roll off the fingers. Somebody else also mentioned pronation (turning the palm out) just before release. This will slow it down some.


I shouldn’t say that because curveball, slider, and cutter all have an off center grip. But fastball and changeup need to have middle finger and thumb splitting the ball.

This is the primary reason why I don’t advocate change ups for young kids.

More often than not, change ups at this age are not a whole lot different than their fastballs. That’s assuming a kid with small hands can grip the ball correctly with the middle, ring, and pinky fingers consistently.

A few reasons; mainly the younger kid’s fastball isn’t all that fast, which makes a change up just an easier pitch to hit for the opposition.
At a young age a fastball is more than enough PROVIDED it can be thrown as a strike consistently. Psst… strikes are good.

Change Ups don’t usually become a “weapon” until the fastball becomes fast enough to allow the change up to be disguised as a fastball, and that usually doesn’t happen until the mid teens or later.

That being said, I absolutely advocate practicing the Change Up grip (OK Change) on a regular basis so it isn’t an awkward learning curve as the youngster becomes stronger. In fact, while playing catch, I would say mix in every 3rd or 4th throw with the change up grip.

soon enough, it will become ingrained without even noticing.

how do you throw a gyroball?

I agree with All american. I have a 10yo son who has huge hands for his age. I have shown him the circle grip and he throws it with pretty good command, but it would still back up to his fastball a little more than I like, so we added the dead leg change with the grip. This helped quite a bit. He also throws on the side alternating the change grip with his four seam grip every other throw.

Just a suggestion, especially at this age ( but very true also at the highest levels of the game ) how about keeping it simple and just throw the fastball at different speeds?

Try the palm ball. I picked that one up when I was twelve, and all through the years I pitched I used that one as a changeup—and very effective it was too. To throw it, you grip the ball way back in the palm of your hand (hence the name)—with all four fingers on top and the thumb on the bottom. Important: DON’T TRY TO SQUEEZE THE JUICE OUT OF THE BALL! And you throw it like a fast ball.
I didn’t have a fast ball to speak of, so I threw it like a curve—like a slider—like a few other pitches I had in my repertoire. However you do it, I think you’ll find it a good one to use. 8) :slight_smile: