Change Up

Ok I know im sprinkling alot of topics, My buddy that pitched AA said if he were to pitch again he’d work perfect the change up more so that any other pitch.

He told me the circle change (the middle and ring finger) i believe now obvly my control is way off on everything but I dont feel like there is much difference in speed. What do you guys think…do you feel that way but the difference is so minor that its hard for new pitcher to have a feel for it? Id almost rather learn a split finger cuz the arm action to actual speed ratio is significant. (but split is more of a 2 strike pitch, wear i feel a change up is more of a 1 strike pitch, i could WAY OFF but just my initial feeling)

Ive got a camera ill work on getting video in the next couple weeks, But im moving in to the dorms and have shit to pack so ill do it when i show up there. Ill also take pitchers of the grips.

When I was a kid (im now 5’9-10"ish 155lbs, so im very small) I always threw the ball with index/middle/ring finger on a 4 seam grip… It was the only way i could reliably throw with velocity and accuracy. what would you call that?

SO to sum it up, what was the 3 finger pitch i threw? What is the noticable difference in the change up beyond obv? Anything you guys emphusize when you throw fast/change ups? How much difference do you guys have on velocity? what is a range typically?

I my self started to have problems with the change-up so I switched to the splitter and it’s a great pitch to throw no matter where in the count. Yes it is a K pitch but you can get away with it in any count as long as you can locate it.

Your fastball you threw is a three fingered fastball and is what I teach my Little League kids when they are learning a changeup. As long as it worked for you don`t change it.

As for speed difference in a changeup I guess it all depends on how hard your fastball is. There are guidelines like 8-12 mph but it really just needs to be able to decieve the batter without loosing significant arm speed.

My fastball is 84
My change is 71-74

Splitter is a gret pitch. You are a little smaller than alot fo guys so you want to make sure you don`t rush into it. Dont just cut the ball in half right away. Let your fingers get used to being stretch. You should be fine.

Good Luck.

i’ve been throwing the circle change since the first day i pitched. my father loved frank viola and viola was one of the first pitchers to throw the circle change. i learned it and got comfortable with it by sleeping with the ball in my hand in a circle change grip since i loved this pitch so much. i realized it was becoming natural for me when i started to wake up with the ball still in my hand in a circle change position. but the speed difference wasn’t all that much so my grand father was a good baseball player back in the 60s and he saw johnny podres when he was a kid so he taught me how to throw backward by throwing your change-up as your fastball and throwing a fastball as a change-up. instead of getting the batter out in front of your off speed stuff establish the change-up asyour average fastball (that works best when you dont have a big speed difference spo that it doesnt look like a parachute changeup) and when he’s sitting rght on make him pop up by throwing something faster then he expected. in fact overpower the hitter with your soft stuffs. it worked for me since.

that is one of the best ideas i have ever heard well done…

im a huge Twins fan so I of course love Frankie V

If your circle-change isn’t slow enough, make sure your thumb and middle finger cut the ball in half and pronate a bit more. That should take some more off the ball and it might give the pitch some movement.

caskam, your 3-fingered pitch is a changeup. Or basically a “slow” fastball. Most little leaguers will actually use this pitch as their fastball because of their small hands. But since you’ve grown up I’m sure you can throw a regular 2-fingered fastball. Having more fingers on the ball will reduce the speed of the ball.

A split is just a changeup with downward movement. If it is effective you can use that as your changeup.

With Trevor Hoffman’s changeup, does anyone know if he throws the ball while rolling it off his fingers or does he throw it with his palm? I first started throwing it by pushing it out of my palm and it has great speed differential from my fastball and movement, but im thinking its deceptive cause sometimes it will spin like a knuckleball.