Hey guys I have a change up that is decent. I throw a circle change with my ring finger in between the two seams ( on the leather) and my pinky on the right side of the ball and my midle finger is sort of on the left side of the ball. My pointer finger and thumb make the circle…I feel it is a good grip and I throw from a low 3/4 arm slot. I want this pitch to be my out pitch but don’t have much success when trying to get strikeouts…I feel like maybe I slowup my arm and don’t trust my grip and sometimes I don’t trust it…any advice on how to get it to be my out pitch?

The circle change can be a troublesome pitch to handle. I remember when I was trying to work with the pitch and I had my hassles with it, and one day I told my pitching coach about it. He took one look at my grip and told me that my hand wasn’t quite large enough to form the complete circle, and he suggested that I go to a half-circle, a backwards “c”, which I found a lot easier. He also told me to get my middle and ring fingers closer together, more off-center the way I would have my index and middle finger when I threw the slider. That worked for me; you might try experimenting with the grip until you find something more comfortable for you.
Okay. Now, the most important thing to remember—you have to throw all your pitches with the same arm speed and the same arm motion as your fast ball! To slow down your arm speed is an invitation to disaster, because when you do that you’re telegraphing your changeup, whatever it might be, and the batters are just drooling and licking their chops at the prospect of a delicious slow pitch to hit; you might as well tell them “Hey guys, here comes a changeup!” I remember when I was pitching and we were facing a team with a starting pitcher who, it seemed, never learned—he had the most beautiful slow curve I’d ever seen, but he telegraphed it every time by slowing down his arm speed when he was going to throw it, and invariably we would knock him out of the box in the third inning! didn’t his manager or coach ever advise him of this fact???
Above all—trust your stuff. That was another thing my old pitching coach used to tell me—he said I had a good arsenal of “snake jazz” to compensate for my lack of speed, and I had the control and command to go with all of it, so I should go ahead and let it work for me. I was a natural sidearmer who used the crossfire extensively, which gave me twice as many pitches, and I had fallen so in love with it that one day, when he was helping me with that circle change, he said to me “I know you’re going to crossfire it. You use that move with everything you throw.” Indeed I did, and my teammates and I would rejoice at the discomfiture of the batters.
Hope this helps. :slight_smile: 8)

Practice, practice, practice. The more repetitions you can get throwing with the grip, the better. If you still struggle, try adjusting your grip so that thumb and middle finger cut the ball in half. Don’t shift them to one side so you can make a tight little circle. If you can only make a “C”, then so be it. Add in some pronation and you should get enough velocity off the pitch.

Lastly, don’t tilt your posture and don’t allow the throwing arm to sweep across in front of you as a result of trying to pronate. Pronate only as much as is comfortable and throwing through to the target.

How long have you tried throwing this pitch. I am just now adding a change up to my pitches. I have tried all of the grips for the most part. I really feel that the palmball is the easiest to throw. If you are just trying to change the speed, give that a try. This pitch doesnt have any movement(at least mine doesn’t), but it definitely keeps the batters guessing.

You can’t go wrong with the palmball. It definitely is the easiest pitch to throw—it was the first changeup I picked up—and it’s all in the grip (but you don’t want to grip the ball too tightly, because you do NOT want to squeeze the juice out of the ball!). It’s a very nice pitch, and it will keep the batters off balance. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the help guys!! I think I will continue to work on my circle change I feel comfortable with it and I feel it can be good with work

i great pitch is the palmball. the slowest of them all. middle and ring fingers on the four seam grip. and other fingers on side for grip. and thumb on bottom