Change Up + Small Hands

My hands are extremely small compared to other high school pitchers so throwing a changeup has been a challenge for me. I currently throw a three finger changeup with the same arm/wrist action as a fastball. I was wondering if throwing a changeup this way was effective at all?

What are alternative changeup grips for pitchers with small hands?

Same! I have the smallest hands on the team. I throw a two-seam circle changeup. I place my middle finger and ring finger on the right side of the two seams. I pronate on the release, pulling my two fingers straight down. When throwing the pitch, try to keep your arm really loose, like a whip. Of course you want fastball arm speed, but keeping it lose helps provide a better velo differential between your change and fastball. Oh, and I don’t actually make the traditional “circle” with my thumb and index finger because my hands are too small. My thumb goes underneath the baseball and my index finger is loosely on the side of the baseball. I used to throw a three finger changeup and I wasn’t getting much movement on it so I switched to circle and it became my best pitch. Be patient with it, it takes a few months to get the right feel for it.

Have you had any trouble throwing curveballs? Mine is good but I can’t have a gap between the ball and my hand like most pitchers do. I have a really tight grip, to get my hand around the ball. So it’s really slow.

i can’t throw regular curveballs but my knuckle curveballs have a really nice 12-6 break

as for the changeup, i’ll try that
thanks for the advice

Try a palmball. Simpler grip with no circle. Check it out:

i’ll definitely check it out

You can use any grip you want to throw a change-up simply by pronating it. And pronation will give you some arm-side run.

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okay, i will experiment grips for the next couple days

In addition to the advice that’s offered, sometimes a pitch is just not your pitch. For whatever reason - lack of physical endowment, temperament, coaching in various forms, and so on, only solidifies the fact that, if you use a certain pitch in real time you’re going to get lit up.

I would suggest practicing this, or any other pitch, at a practice session only. Take the time to figure out what exactly it is that your trying to accomplish. Do you want the ball to approach the plate slower? Then it’s the use of a grip that takes away velocity.

The only drawback to a slower pitch, regardless of how well you sell it in form and delivery, are other factors that compound the chance of the batter nailing the daylights out of it. But then, that’s for anther topic.

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alright, thanks for your response
i’ve been working with a modified circle changeup grip lately and have been throwing it whenever i go the chance to