Change-Up Help!

I need help learning how to throw a slow breaking change-up. Grips and advice wanted. Thank you.

Hmm, getting movement on a changeup can be tough.

Do you turn it over at release? What’s your grip?

No matter what you do though, throw it during long toss.

My pitching coach once told me that just about any pitch could be turned into a nice changeup, and he demonstrated a few such for me. But whatever you do, you must throw it with the same arm motion and the same arm speed as you do with your other stuff. That being said, I can tell you about a couple of pitches. One is, of course, the slow curve, which is a very nice pitch indeed and easy to throw. It’s usually a 12-to-6 pitch, thrown straight overhand although you could do it with a 3/4 delivery. Another is the palm ball, which I used to throw in my playing days—for that one you grip the ball with all four fingers on top and the thumb underneath: one thing to remember, you don’t want to squeeze the juice out of the ball! You hold it way back in the palm of the hand, hence the name, but you want a rather loose grip. Have fun experimenting with different pitches; you’re sure to find one. :slight_smile: