Change-up Help

I throw a circle change and I’ve been having trouble controling it lately. I either leave it high and to my arm side or I bounce it to my glove side. I know it’s hard without seeing me but would anyone know what’s causing that and/or any suggestions to fix it?

Try throwing it down the middle only slow your mechanics down. Also, when you are playing catch, or warming up, or whatever, throw it then to try to get your release point down. After your feel comfortable after doing those two things, go to the mound and hit your targets.

I would honestly suggest just trying a different change-up specifically altering the grip. Unless is has godly movement like that of Pedro M’s, I think the change-up is something you have to keep manipulating until you can trust it. I’ve tried all sorts of different grips, but it wasn’t until this year that I found one that was comfortable and good. I’ll try to post a pic of my grip later.

Alright, so here is my grip. It may just give you an idea of what to try when you’re playing catch…just to see what works and what doesn’t. Mine is pretty simple and just that little bit of pressure on the index finger is enough to make it sink a little before it reaches the plate. I could never throw the circle change comfortably, but this works for me.

I should probably also point out that my finger nail is not even touching the seam, its simply the tip of the finger.

it looks like a knucklechange to me lol. nice.

For the pitches that go up and in, you probably just need a tighter grip or a little more pressure from the outer fingers (index and pinky if you use it). For the pitches that go down and away, you probably need to make sure you throw through the ball and not let your throwing hand slide across in front of you from throwing arm side to glove side (which can result from trying to pronate).