Change Up Help

I’ve been trying to get a change up to work since I can remember and I have never been able to get it, I finally found a grip that is really comfortable and that I can locate, I put my middle and ring finger in between the two seems and then my pointer and pinky off to each side with my thumb underneath, the only problem with this pitch is that I cannot get it to slow down, its the same velocity as my fastball, what are some things that I could try without slowing down my arm speed?


One tip is to move the ball back towards or even completely into the palm of your hand. Also try getting a tighter grip on the ball.

hes right you need to chock the ball more

The more skin you have on the ball the slower it will be. The friction causes the ball to lose velocity.

How about dragging you back foot a little. hitters would be able to pick it up because its too small of a change, and they are looking up at the ball. just drag the back foot inside of lifting it up a following through