Change-Up Help

I throw a “Vulcan” change-up and the 3 fingered “choke” change-up, but they aren’t working. They go high in the zone and just a little slower. They also aren’t very consistant. Any help?

The best thing you can do about learning the change, is to keep throwing it, throw it when you warm up, throw it in your pens. It is very definately a pitch in which you have to learn patience because the only real way to get better with it it to practice.

In addition to what JD said, try different grips to see what works best for you - you only need one. Just make sure you give each enough of a chance. The change takes a while to develop - you aren’t going to just throw a few and be able to decide. Try them over and over for a few weeks. If you try the circle change, make sure thumb and middle finger cut the ball in half and pronate the pitch.

My son will also drag his back foot when he throws a changup. That seems to take just a bit of his momentum from his body and reduces the speed just a bit. Now, he is only 11, so I am guessing once he gets into older ball, they will notice that and key on it, but for now it seems to work for him. Also, his grip on the ball is different. He puts the ball deeper into his hand and curls his pinkie around the side of the ball so his pinkie is not even really gripping the ball. Not sure if that is how it is supposed to be, but he has had pretty good success that way.

You’re right about the higher levels picking up on that. I’d get him to work on stopping the drag with the foot now rather then later, the longer it becomes ingrained in his mechanics the harder it will be to correct.

If that grip is working for him then that’s great its about results and it sounds like the grip is working for him.