Change up grips

how does eveyone throw there? What grip do you use? What grip do you think is the best grip for a kid with average to small hands?

I throw kind of a mix between a claw grip and a circle change. For average to small hands maybe a three fingered claw grip would work? But if it doesnt work, just mess around with different grips until you find one that works.

i wrap my fingers around it like some people might call a palmball.

i find it easier to keep the same arm speed since the grip is so basic and my little brother can grip it ike that so i guess that’s good for everyone.

you don’t think about the pronation or anything. you really fire it and it just dies as it reaches the plate. good pitch to work on.

all of he pic’s are palm ball? do you have anymore?

that’s what came with the pictures.

The palm ball(sometimes called a “palm ball” or “four-finger changeup”) is one of two or three variations of the changeup. It’s an off-speed pitch.

A palmball is is gripped by essentially choking the baseball deep in your hand and wrapping all of your fingers around the baseball.

It’s essentially a four-fingered changeup where the baseball is centered in your hand…

The index and ring fingers are placed on either side of the baseball for balance, and the thumb is placed directly below the baseball.

At its release point, try to turn the ball over a little to get more movement.

The deeper the grip, the more friction that is created on the ball, which takes off velocity.

However, as with all off-speed pitches, the arm speed and mechanics of your pitching delivery have to be the same as your fastball.

i started throwing that because circle change wouldn’t work for me. i would feel the grip and couldn’t forget it was a change-up so i was slowing down my arm. with that grip it’s easy to forget and it’s good for people that want to learn a change-up fast. I used to love watching Jim Corsi when he was pitching for the boston redsox. he was throwing something like that and the thing acted like it weighted 10 lbs.

do you have any pics of anything different?

what change up do you think cuts off the most velocity?

a palmball griped really tight and deep usually won’t get to the plate. everything else is pretty much the same where you have to throw it with good arm speed to make it effective.



Man, this is an interesting change! Who threw it and what’s it called? Very cool!

[quote=“Steven Ellis”][quote=“4pie”]


Man, this is an interesting change! Who threw it and what’s it called? Very cool![/quote]

isn’t that the pitch called slip pitch?

i know johnny podres from the brooklyn dodgers threw something similar but the technic is hard to get used to it.

I have never seen that change up before 4pie that looks really difficult to manage.

I have tried to throw a circle and I scrapped it for a palm/claw grip. I tuck it deep in my hand and just throw it with my natural motion, and I found that my middle finger will push off the seam and give it that ASR (arm side run)and dive I am looking for