Change up, 12 yr old


Hi, my son Mattias has been pitching for 4 years now. In the last 2 years he has added a 2 seam and a circle change. He Can throw both pitches 2 seam circle change for strikes consistently, he is extremely comfortable with the grips and throwing both pitches. This is where I (Dad) need help, I wasn’t worried about speed or movement of these two pitches as I wanted him to just get comfortable gripping them and throwing them for strikes. Now that he is 12 yrs old it would be great if there was a way for Mattias to get movement on his circle change and maybe his 2 seam also I don’t see much of a difference in speed between his 4 seam 2 seam or changeup.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just an FYI I’m not well versed in pitching speak. lol

Thank you.
Scott and Mattias .


Good question. I’m interested to see what the others say as well.


Might not be a bad idea to purchase a cheap radar gun to measure differential between FB & Change. Might not see a visable difference in speed but only way to tell is gun it. Something like a Bushnell isn’t a bad option. Speed might be a little off but should be able to tell the diffence between the two. Should be able to find one for $100 or less At his age around 10 mph off his fastball would be a good start. If he’s not taking speed off the pitch would start there before worrying about movement. Got to keep body and arm speed same as the fastball. It’s all about the grip. To practice toss it from longer distance, shag flyballs.; Just get the feel. If the circle change doesn’t work try something else.


Thanks for the feed back, you say it’s all in the grip. He throws his circle change with a 2 seam grip a little deeper into his palm with a lose grip. Maybe I will get a radar gun like you suggested. Any other help or suggestions would be appreciated.


My son never took to the circle change grip. Many ways to throw the change if he’s not comfortable. Might want to repost your question in the general category. Kind of gets hidden in the not sure. More likely to get more responses. Good luck!


A potentially cheaper way to measure speed. I know it works with an iPhone. The iPhone 6 can take slow motion video at 240 frames per second. Take a video in SloMo of the full pitch - i.e. frame it so that you can see the pitcher and catcher. Use an app to time from the second it leaves the fingers to hitting the catchers glove. The CMV Pro app has a stopwatch but I assume that there are other apps that do similar. All you really need are times, not speed anyway. At 240fps it works really well to analyze pitching motion too. Never looked into other cameras or phones. CMV allows you to put two videos next to each other and compare. I am completely unaffiliated with Apple or CMV folks - just what I found that works for me.