Change Pitches?

Hey i’m 17 and a Junior I have tendonitis in my right shoulder, but it has improved over the last year due to theraband and jobe exercises, it has began to hurt a bit again this year, I am considering ditching my curveball, which when on is a great pitch for me and swapping it with a sinker, so I will have a fastball changeup and sinker, so my question to you, go fast sinker change or keep the curve?


Also any suggestions on how to throw it to get more sink, right now i throw it almost like a two seamer but with my fingers in between the seems and the thumb slightly off center so its cuts inside some

Are you sure the curveball is the source of your shoulder problems as opposed to some other mechanical issue?

I’m with Roger, I’d have someone peek at your mechs. The curve is usually a pitch that effects the elbow.

well i have also had a lil pain now and then in my elbow, my coach is trying to change my mechanics after i’ve pitched the same way for 10 years so maybe that could be the problem, i’ll try and tape my mechanics within the next week for people to look at.

any other suggestions on changing pitches? I am seein a doctor monday for my arm

Post up some video so we can take a look at your mechanics.

i’ll try to get a vid of my mechanics when i can pitch again doc said i’m done pitchin for two weeks