Change of mechanics

No video yet sadly
Had a game yesterday. Footplant is more towards home plate now.
control was better for sure, more speed on pitches aswell.
Have been working out more and working on mechanics.
pitched 4 innings. 6k’s 0bb 2 hits 1 unearned on 63 pitches.

coach had been using a start stop app on his phone for MPH.
this is quiet inaccurate but has been around 70-80mph.
so an avarage of 75 over all the pitches isnt that bad(consedering the reaction on the start stop)

Also theres 2 things that seemed to work really really awesome that game.
first of all finishing off the lesser hitters with high fastball’s ala Tim lincecum.
really awesome to know for sure ur gonna put someone away with that.

secondly, Im wondering becuase their pitcher had really bad control but threw quiet hard I got kinda pissed becuase he hit 2 of our power hitters.
Is it to arrogant to throw a curve to his face (ofc, not hitting him but dropping in for a strike)?