Chances of playing college baseball

i know this question has been asked over a thousand times, but for me personally i would like to know about myself. i want to play college baseball and will not take no for answer.
i am reasonable with myself, knowing that i prob only have the ability to play at the D3 or JUCO level.
i am 6’0 190lb LHP and 1B junior in high school. i throw an 80mph fastball and a couple of mid 70s off speed pitches. i would like to know where i stack up with the average D3 or NAIA LHP.

At 80 and a lefty you are below avg. but not too far, drive yourself into the mid 80’s and you’ll be able to play for most schools.
This statement will be the difference maker;

Work hard, keep up your grades…don’t accept no and you’ll be fine :wink:

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Maybe the 1st thing you need to do, is to get an understanding about the various level of college baseball. When you talk the way you did in that sentence, what you’re saying is, D3 and JUCO baseball isn’t very good. While its true that the chances of a JUCO ball club beating the best D1 schools on a regular basis isn’t very good, you have to remember they play with on Fr and So players, so they aren’t expected to compete on an even level with teams made up of many Jr and Sr players.

Something else about JUCOs you evidently don’t quite understand is, how many players more than capable of playing D1 ball, end up there. Unless a player’s family has lots of $$$ or is willing to go into debt, its unlikely they’ll be playing at a major D1 school, even on a scholarship. You have to understand that D1 schools only get 11.7 scholarships to spread over a 35 player roster. That works out to only 1/3rd of ‘ship per player, and the rest has to come from someplace else.

So if the $$$ can’t be found, what’s a player going to do? That’s pretty simple! If they’re in Ca, they go to a JUCO their 1st 2 years for about what it costs for 1 semester at any of the D1 schools. I don’t know about the JUCO costs in other states, but I’m willing to bet that like here in Ca, there’s one heck of a lot of top notch players playing for JUCO teams.

And where better to get experience? How many Fr and So are everyday players on D1 teams? Sure there are some, but I assure you, not as many as you think. On a JUCO team, its every player! DO a little research and see how many JUCO players eventually go on to play pro ball or college ball at a 4 year school.

The same holds true for Fla.
JUCO is excellent baseball, not to thumb ones nose at. Some of the very best guys…have you heard the name Bryce Harper?
SK is right on in how you should approach your search. Gain knowledge, find where you fit and get there.

there are a lot of things that can push you over the edge into becoming a legitimate college prospect. While you could probably play for a small D3 right now, if you focus on improving your arm strength (long toss, researching and working on your mechanics) and physical conditions (including strength and nutrition) you should be able to eek out at least 3-4 mph from your body.

Aim for 20 bodyweight pullups, bench your bodyweight for reps, squat double bodyweight, deadlift double bodyweight as GENERAL guidelines. The further you are from these basic benchmarks, the more room you have for improvement. I can tell you right now the hardest throwers I know can all do upwards of 25-30 pull-ups in a row, and the core and lats (provided you have sufficient shoulder flexibility) are extremely important when it comes to velocity.

I did these things and helped turn myself from an 81 mph lefty to an 84-86 mph lefty over the course of a year which got me the opportunity to play D1 baseball at an ACC school

best of luck