CFL quarter back pitching in MLB

Did anyone see this on Sports Center? Former Okland A’s pitcher turned CFL quarterback vetran for the Toronto Arganaughts might retire and pitch for the Jays Jp Rechardi, said he might give him a one year contract?

Do you have anymore to this story? Like a name? or a link to an article? Something…anything?

yes sorry i forgot to say his name, Damon Allen.

LOL… Allen’s going to pitch for the Jays. just goes to show how great a GM J.P. is…Simply publicity

lol i know but it could be possible the jays are hurtin in the dugout

I hope you mean hurting in the pen, since you said he’d be a pitcher for the Jays.

Really they aren’t hurting in the pen when you sit down and look at their numbers, their biggest problem was their starting lineup staying healthy along with their key pitchers staying healthy.

And since no one can predict injuries every team will have this problem at one point in time.

lol he could mean hurting in the dugout if theres still fights goin on in there with managers and pitchers