Certain website rankings

How concerned should I be about draft rankings on some websites? The top 50 plus seem to be ok, but the rest of the rankings sometime look like they just pulled names out of a hat. My son is not ranked on this list, but has almost every team coming to see him. Just wondering!

I would not be concerned at all then. The top 50 are the ones that are going to be making the millions and probably opt out of going to college.

what are some of the college options your son has?

He has signed with a D1 school. I’m sure he will go into the draft. The rankings are just bugging me. I have been told not to look at them.

Well if you don’t get the type of money you’re looking for from the draft its good that he has a college to fall back on and improve his draft stock there.

Sounds kind of like a good problem to have :slight_smile: what school is he signed with?

It’s in the SEC. I know that he wouldn’t want me to say. It’s hard to look at some of those rankings. I guess I’m not spending enough money on subscriptions and showcases! haha

Spending money won’t get him drafted higher. Let him control the things he can control: being a good baseball player. The rankings will take care of themselves.