Catching Help

I used to be a catcher until I got so big, and now one of my coaches is saying he wants me to catch again since I’ll be playing with the high school kids starting this summer. But since I broke my foot and couldn’t walk for a while, I’ve lost a lot of athleticism. I’ve never been athletic/fast enough to be a shortstop or anything, but at least I used to be able to be comfortable in all of my catching positions. Now I can’t get my feet wider than my knees in the squat and I get fatigued a lot quicker. Someone please help I want to catch again and help my team as much as possible.

Does your HS have a winter conditioning, weightlifting or strength program? If so I would join that, hopefully it’s yes and they do 3-4 days a week.

no they don’t , here in AZ we generally play year round and never have a season of only practice. But are there any excersizes/stretches that can help me?

I would begin with Duck Walks, a real killer but good for flexability and strength.

Also good for learning to move your weight from one foot to another when blocking balls in the dirt.