Catcher's mitt relacing

Can anybody here relace a catcher’s mitt?

I have done many gloves, but have not done a catcher’s glove yet. start the lacing as you are removing the laces so you do not get confused, or have a similar glove to assist you while you are re lacing.

You want me to send pics of it too look at? I need the palm laces repaired, and the web needs to be reattatched. The reason they are broken is that I stuck it in the microwave a couple of weeks ago to break it in quicker. :roll: Yes it was a dumb idea.

In the microwave?! really?

Just play catch with the glove!

Yes I am stupid.

You have a potentially serious problem on your hands. A problem that could be dangerous.

The web section is often used by amateur catchers to catch pitches, instead of using the pocket section. The primary reason being two fold - first, the cost of a mitt that can actually catch a pitch with heat cost around $350 bucks on up … not cheap. Second - catching as a position, requires a skilled coach who has actually been a backstop, not a coach that’s been around catchers … like myself.

If your actions have seriously weaken the glove laces, I wouldn’t be too surprised if the mitt’s integrity around the eyelets have been compromised as well. And in that regard, they may look ok to the eye, but, repeated impact and stress may subject the mitt to give-way, just when you don’t want it to … like in front of your face or throat. Be real careful here.

The next time you purchase a catcher’s mitt, be advised that these mitts are deliberately designed and manufactured with materials that are best fitted to you as you catch. Now I wouldn’t suggest fitting a mitt in during a game, but, a good round a catch, receiving the ball in the pocket section, is a simple yet effective way to get your mitt in shape.

By the way, re-lacing a mitt is no easy task. The lacing patterns have a definite purpose to them – one pattern actually forms the pocket section, another pattern helps the curvature of the mitt, and yet another pattern holds the inside padding in place during the mitt’s life span. Also, using a lacing needle is nothing to take for granted. Never let this needle point towards you if at all possible, and as best you can, get use to feeding the loop end of the needle … then gradually pull the laces through, don’t try and push your laces through if all possible. And after working with the same lace after a few holes, the lace’s end is going to get blunt, or rounded over, making it next to impossible to thread through the lacing needle. So, a sharp pair of scissors to cut the lace forming a crisp end will make the job a lot simpler.

Coach B.


Well, I have never used the mitt, just conditioned it. Can anyone relace my mitt?

A long time ago ( very long time ago), the place to get your glove repaired and re-laced was your neighborhood shoe repair shop. Usually, the shoemaker would have all the tools and sewing machines necessary to repair most anything - including re-lacing.

These tradesmen work with leather as an everyday material. They know its quality and its overall condition for use — yes including baseball gloves.

Now I’m probably behind the times ( I get that a lot) but check out a shoe repair shop at your local mall, neighborhood, and even in the yellow pages. Call them up and see if they can fit the bill. All of my mitts were repaired and re-laced by two shoe repair shops - one in Yonkers, New York the other in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. But that was back in the 60’s and 70’s.

Coach B.

Several glove repair sites online, including The Glove Medic.
Service is not cheap but seems like they do a good job.

If you live in the New England Area, send it to this guy. One of the greatest guys with gloves I have ever seen. Not sure about price. try contacting him about it.