Catcher's glove recommendation

Looking for a catcher’s mitt/glove that I can use for bullpen sessions with my son. Any recommendations on a glove that I can use now as well as when he’s in HS? With my current glove, my hands hurt after catching him in a bullpen session.

My son is 12U, 5’-9" and 160# and throws 70+. Projected to be around 6’4" 220 # at 18, for whatever that’s worth. (His brother is 6’1" at 14 and still growing, so it’s likely he’ll be well over 6’.)


Rawlings Gold Glove Series is a good bullpen mitt. Not too expensive, but well made.

If your not going to use it for games etc. then any, cheap, catchers glove from the local sports equipment store. Easy to break in and won’t break the bank, might even check Craigslist for a used one.

I’d recommend checking out the Akadema Praying Mantis.

West2East - where do you guys play?

My son is a rising 12U too - he’s opposite of your son size-wise, but has been lucky to play for a guy that spent 7 years pitching in the ATL Braves organization. He’s learned ALOT over the last 2 yrs and had the oppty to pitch against a handful of nationally ranked teams last season.

Maybe we’ll see each other across the diamond this spring.

I just bought a used one from an older team that we practice with. It is a great glove. I used it for a few minutes in a drill when I realized the kid had a brand new Akadema glove so I bought his old one. Hopefully, it will hold up a few years and then I will buy my kid a brand new one.

Decided on the Akadema. Being teased with an early spring, my son threw a little ball yesterday and loved the sound of the ball exploding off of the glove. And I loved that my hands didn’t hurt.