Catcher Throwdown Mechanics

This is me throwing down. Do any of you see any flaws/problem/tips for me.

I would suggest the following posture:

from the down position, just after receiving the ball, step
up and forward with your left leg … stretching that leg OUT
at the same time bring your mitt UP to the Center of your
chest … with your mitt arm slightly higher so as to point and
lead your body’s motion forward with your mitt side elbow.
this READY and THROW posture will allow your throwing
side to be pre-set to release once your moving up and both
feet are planted … with the glove side leg…arm…elbow, leading
the way. You should be VERY deliberate with your mitt side elbow.
You want that elbow to be slightly higher than your mitt … which
is pointing directly at the center of your chest.

Now, we should be asking ourselves … why? Well, since your
coming out of the plate position, your momentum has to be’
UP anyway… so should it be forward. And since your most
demanding release will be at second… your going to want to
target something upon THAT RELEASE.

When gunning second… your target should be just above your
pitcher’s cap…10 times out of 10. Why? Because it appears that
your right-handed, and releasing the ball that going to pass over
just above the pitcher’s cap is an excellent reference point that
you can depend on inning after inning. After all, you’ve been looking
at that image (in part) most of the game anyway.

When the infielder covering that bag gets your throw… more often
then not it’s going to come in at about belt… to… knee high to him/her
which is going to be on the side that the baserunner is coming in at.

Practice the above just a few times and you’ll see a noticeable
improvement in your backstop performance.

Also, an art that’s really not practiced enough at the lower levels…
(high school and below) is the CONTAINMENT move to first. I can’t
stress practicing this enough. You can help your pitcher out big time
and show scouts and recruiters that your an able gun in any direction.
So, during your next game, just for the heck of it…just make sure your
first baseman is ready for it… use this same posture and fire it first.
Don’t be surprised if you stop a lot of stealing to second all by yourself.

Coach B.