Catcher, signals, shakeoffs

There’s few things better than having a catcher who is thinking right along with you … but that is very rare and hard to come by …

Last night I told my catcher, just call 2 for the curve and 1 for the fastball or changeup … I’ll decide if I throw the change or the heat, and you just sit there and catch what comes … he told me it wouldn’t be a problem at all, and it wasn’t … It was a lot more simple out there, less shaking-off, less of me thinking “c;'mon put down what I want”

now, you may think the fact that my catcher could catch the change and heat without knowing which is coming is an indictment on my change or heater, but I don’t think so … I piched 5 and 1/3 scoreless innings last night … my fastball is probably between 75-80 and the change is probaby 63ish …

What my catcher and I use is 1 fastball (index finger or pinky for inside/outside), 2 curve, and wiggle for change. Works well.

we go 1 fast 2 change 3 split

then we do the middle finger is the f-u fast ball which is really giving it everything u got

LOL our middle finger is the batter is stealing signs hit him in his grill.
Wait don’t you give it all you’ve got every pitch? That might be my problem I throw as hard as I can as long as i can on the mound. I need to hit 90 to go anywhere, and that is my goal.

I am 6’5, 160 I throw 81-85 going into my junior year.
Starting weighted ball training this weekend :slight_smile:


Well IMO, no I do not want the catcher to know what I am gonna throw. If he does know that means I have gotten into a pattern. I want no one but me to know what I am throwing next. And when you shake off, that sometimes helps you it gets the hitter guessing.

I had a catcher that used to try to call my game…I’d shake off a pitch and he’d just keep calling that same pitch. So I would finally just throw what I wanted to throw whether he expected it or not. He gave in not long after.

We do:

1 - 4 Seam Fastball
1(wiggling) - 2 Seam Fastball

2 - Curve

3 - Change

Thumb - Pitchout

my catcher never knows whats comin i just throw what i feel like throwin he catches it

point I’m making is that unless you’re playing at a high level, why does your catcher have to know it it’s a two seamer or 4 seamer, or if it’s a change or a fastball … as long as he can catch it, why bother going through all those signs …

Shakeoffs are good to confuse a batter, but I hate having to shake off more than once to go through 3 sings, or have to shakeoff more than once ber batter … it’s just a waste of energy, not physical energy, just mental energy, it’s a waste …

Another thing I’d like to bring up is calling location … this too, depending on your level, can be wasteful… I just have the catcher set up low and pretty much down the middle and I throw to his left or right knee cap… he can catch it there…

I hate to see people who are not on an advanced level needlessly complicating things.

Sorry I just do not agree with what your saying. In all higher levels of ball you will see the catchers moving from one side of the plate to the other. Very few set up in the middle. Why not let the catcher set up on the outside? He will have to definitely do it someday so why not practice. Also it would be alot easier to frame a pitch that may have missed a little on the outside if he was already to the side. No ump anywhere would call it a strike where a catcher has to reach his glove all the way across his body to catch one on the outside. It really benefits both of you to have the catcher moving back and forth, IMO.

OKLefty, you’re right in what you’re saying about moving the target, etc… it is helpful, and if you are at a high level or aspire to be at a high level, well then it should be worked on … I’m not saying that moving the target isn’t a good thing, it’s better than what I proposed about setting up low down the middle,

but for me on this particular team and league I’m on wth the catchers we have, it’s not happening, and I seem to be getting along just fine.

My catcher and I have 1 is a fastball, and if it’s inside it’s a 2 seam, away it’s a 4 seam, 2 is a cutter, and the change up is a wiggle, like snakemaniac.

And I hate when a catcher moves his whole body to one side of the plate. It messes me up. I tell him just move your glove- I’ll hit it.

If a catcher centers himself on the location of the pitch, he can still reach pitches that are off-target by a certain amount on either side of that location. If the catcher stays on one side of the pitch location, pitches that miss on the other side of the location will go to the fence.

I know but I still don’t like it like that.

my catcher does


Then inside outside high or low

Does anyone find sometimes the catcher throws off your rhythm? Obviously, a pitcher should communicate with his catcher, but I like to work quick and he needs to know what’s coming but a lot of times he just takes too long with the signs. What should you do in this kind of a situation?

one thing that bothers me is that after he gives the sign he doesn’t put his glove up for a target right away, it takes him a couple seconds … that messes with me a little bit …

the thing is, you can talk to these catchers and tell them what you want… but unless they are into it as much as you are, it’s kind of useless.

I agree with everything you said. Sometimes you just wish you could catch yourself too!