Catcher needing day off

Does anyones catcher in high school get a day off from catching during practice? Our catcher at 250lb asks if he could not catch because it hurts his knees. I dont get it. I understand mlb and giving your catcher off but is this unusual for a high school player. We have only one other catcher and our limited in time for him. I will have to suit up and catch.

Next time you’re at a major league ball game, watch the catcher. Watch all the things the poor guy has to do. It’s no wonder that major league managers will give a catcher a day off now and then—after all, they do have a couple of backup catchers at their disposal. Maybe at the lower echelons of the game the manager or coach doesn’t have that luxury, but he really should have a backup catcher at hand.
About this catcher you have who’s complaining about his knees—did you say he weighs 250 pounds? How tall is this guy? If he doesn’t have the requisite height to be able to support that weight, no wonder his knees hurt; he’s putting more strain on them than even major league catchers do. :roll: