Catcher Love <3

Never forget to thank your catcher.
Take lessons from Roy Halladay


Now that’s funny.

But it’s serious, too. Every time you step on the mound, you should feel like it’s two against one - you and your catcher against the batter. Heck, it’s really nine against one. If you don’t ever think about that, you should. It may give you some confidence - confidence to throw a certain pitch in a certain situation knowing that your teammates got your back.

Actually, it’s not funny—it’s very serious indeed.
Here’s the real reason Cliff Lee decided to return to the Phillies, rather than go with the Yankees or the Rangers. When Lee had been with the Phillies before, he and catcher Carlos Ruiz had formed a near-unshakeable bond. They worked so well together that it seemed they were thinking as one, and when you have that kind of relationship with your catcher it’s something to treasure for all time. Now Lee is once again together with Ruiz, and they’ve picked up where they left off.
This is true of so many great catchers—I remember Yogi Berra who, once he had learned how to catch, formed such a bond with all his batterymates. And I remember when Casey Stengel became the manager of the Mets and was picking his team; in reply to a question about why he had selected his catcher first and foremost, he said “You have to have a catcher, because if you don’t you’re going to have a lot of passed balls”—or words to that effect. And he was right. Have you ever noticed that in scoring the pitcher is always #1 and the catcher #2? So yes, be sure to thank your catcher. 8) :slight_smile:

That’s a great commercial! I lauged my butt off the first time I saw that on TV!

It may help some one :roll: :roll: :roll: