Catcher Drills in pre-game


What drills do you do with your catchers in pre-game warmups?


One day a few years ago I was at Steinbrenner Field for a Yankees’ spring training session, and I witnessed an unusual drill I had never seen before. It consisted of a series of high popups (from a pitching machine) in which all the catchers, young and old alike, had to catch first one ball, then two, then three, then…whatever the traffic would bear. Jorge Posada demonstrated how this was done, and then he turned everybody loose. The catchers had no trouble with one or two balls, but they started running into trouble with three or more, and I had to laugh as I saw one catcher miss four and lose his balance and fall over backwards on his heinie—I had seen this so many times when I was pitching in my young days and this was happening to the batters as they swung and missed while trying to get a piece of my crossfire slider! That made my day. :lol: :baseballpitcher:


Before catching, I always got someone to grab 4-5 balls and bounce them in on me. 5 middle, 5 left, 5 right, 2 severe left, 2 severe right, then 5 mixed. Then I’d lightly stretch a bit.

Aside from that, I’d take pre-game infield. The coach would roll a few bunts out for me to throw to first and third. The biggest thing the coach would always remind me of is to not sail the ball. If it’s low, it can be dug out. If it’s high, your team mate will not be able to have a growth spurt by the time it reaches him.

When warming up the starting pitcher, I always wanted him to spin a few curves into the dirt for me. One, it gave me some practice and two, it gave him confidence that he could throw low with confidence, even with runners on base.