I’m looking into getting Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein protein to take before I go to sleep. My biggest concern is I don’t want to gain any fat but it sounds like this shouldn’t make me. Have any of you guys used casein? What were your results? Would you recommend it?

If you have a caloric surplus in your diet, you will gain fat. It is inevitable. But you can manage the ratio of fat/lean body mass you gain by training and only eating an appropriate surplus.

That makes sense. I don’t think the amount of calories in Casein will really make me gain any fat because I’m really active and have a really healthy diet, I’m actually doing a lot of strength training right now and I just seem to lose weight. The main thing I’m trying to make sure of is that there is enough protein in my system to prevent muscle from breaking down while I sleep.

I’ve heard some people say that casein is bad for you and some say it’s good. Most the people who say casein is bad seem to be vegetarians who are trying to get people to drink less milk and eat less meat. That’s just the feeling I get. I just want to learn a little more about it if I could be putting it in my system. Does anyone else have any information?

Casein is a slow-digesting protein that makes for a good bedtime shake to stimulate muscle synthesis and stave off catabolic activity in your body.

That said, there isn’t really a major difference between whey and casein protein to be honest. Both will get the job done and neither should be looked at as more than a simple way to add protein to your diet. You could get the same effect by eating a steak or chicken breast, really.

what is your height/weight/ and % body fat. that’s where you need to start. what does your doctor say

5’11, 165, my body fat was 6.53 (I used some body fat calculator and it said it could be off by 3 percent.)

I wish my bf% was even CLOSE to 9. Ectomorphs…hmph.

I was a little off on my measurements, using the navy equation I was about 11, and using the YMCA Method I was 7.8, but I was 198 pounds last spring and I’m 165 right now so I’ve lost a lot of weight. But as the website said they could be off by a little bit.

[quote]That said, there isn’t really a major difference between whey and casein protein to be honest.
No. Casein is slower digesting than whey. If you are working out, you take whey afterwards because it digests in 30 minutes and the “golden window,” in bodybuilding is the hour after you workout in which you can take your whey and it will be absorbed by the body in like I said, 30 minutes.

Casein digests over two to six HOURS, and thus is better to be taken before bed as it will slow the catabolic state of the body and breakdown of muscles during sleep… Whey would only be able to do this for 30 minutes as opposed to two to six hours from casein.

Trust me, I know all about pre/peri/post-workout nutrition. For the purposes of the general strength training athlete, there isn’t a significant difference. Most people need to focus on 30 variables before they even begin to discuss the differences between casein and whey protein.

But generally speaking, you are right.