Carlos Zambrano

I was watching his first start since coming off the DL today and noticed every fastball he threw had movement.
Now can some pitchers generate more “natural” movement than others? Or does he throw a specific fastball every time?

He has a natural movement because he has a low arm slot.

But he still grips the baseball like a 4-seam right?


[quote=“JR.Navarro34”]But he still grips the baseball like a 4-seam right?[/quote]He throws a 2 seam fastball, NOT a 4 seam fastball. :lol:

How does he throw a 98 mph 2 seamer?

Carlos has said that sinker is his go-to pitch and i would not be surprised if a guy of his size can throw it that hard if he ‘reaches back’ for extra

and… throwing 2 seam doesn’t necessarily mean it’s slower. Tom House, who’s worked with Big Unit at times, claimed that Randy Johnson usually throws 2 seamer

Some guys have tremendous tailing movement on their 4 seam fastball that it looks like a 2 seamer i.e. Burnett, Verlander, Neftali Feliz

Is all that tremendous movement sometimes natural?
I sometimes throw my fastball and it moves when I don’t want it to