Carlos Zambrano Sinker and Splitter grip

Recent interview with Harold Reynolds of Shows his normal sinker grip and his other sinker grip that acts like a splitter.

XV You are the absolute best image getter…ever!

Zambrano is definetly one nasty pitcher, he consistently throws 92-95 with often over a foot of movement back over the plate. I’d also say hes the biggest underacheiver in the game, he has some of the best stuff in baseball and every time he goes out to the mound you don’t know if hes gonna go 8 or 9 shutout and strike out 10, or last 3 innings and give up 5 or 6. The cubs are really enamored with him, but I am not at all convinced hes a number 1 until he puts together a consistent season.

Wow so 18 wins ain’t good enough? This dude has been numba one on the staff for at least 2 likely 3 seasons…he got no press because of Wood and Prior. He is a High Inning, Low ERA guy…remember 2 years ago the Cubs came close to being the losingest team in the majors…he still won. No he’s no under acheiver unless you gauge it by him not winning the Cy last year and then…thats what I’d call fairly tall cotton.
[size=9]2004 Chicago Cubs 16 8 2.75 188
2005 Chicago Cubs 14 6 3.26 202
2006 Chicago Cubs 16 7 3.41 210
2007 Chicago Cubs 18 13 3.95 177 [/size]

Every season since 2004 over 200 innnings per year…These right here are the stats of a number one major league starter…just imagine if he was pitching on the Yankees…we’re talking very potentially a 30 game win season

Right at 2-1 K-BB…Please…thats life time!
They ought to sign him for 10 years…he doesn’t break…IMO his simple delivery and sinker gets him a ton of grounders/double plays…You can bet he’s top dollar next contract…maybe 4 pitchers higher priced…if that.
And what will he be when he “Makes it”?
I think, now this is my very own and only my personal opinion, if he was a caucasion player, the names of Prior and Wood, would have long ago been forgotten on the Northside…(I was born and raised in the Chicago area) It doesn’t help that he looks like Chavez and comes from the same country :shock: I remember he got the hook one game early and was booed by Cubs fans at Wrigley…you could really tell it hurt his feelings. I am what you might call a very loyal Cub fan (Non-fanatic variety…meaning I don’t travel after them or anything but I follow them closely and watch every game I can catch) and I’m here to tell you this guy has what you want and just a little of that volitale edge that can scare you that he could be a head case at some point. Juan Marichall is in the Hall and was a fiesty man to say the least :lol: Carlos Zambrano, now write it down, you heard jd say it first, will be another Hall of Famer.