Cardio Exercise - Phase 5

The Tuffcuff manual mentions poles (once across) as a cardio activity. Where can I find this in the book to see what this is?

Poles refers to running from one foul pole to the other along the outfield fence.

I’ve found that when running poles its good to include sprints into the runs.

A good option if you’re running poles, as Turn22 mentioned, is “sprint-jogs” where you might divide the outfield fence up into four sections that you mark off with whatever signs or logos are near it. Sprint the first section, jog the next at a very slow pace, etc. Take enough time in between each full pole to recover so that you can do the sprints at a fairly high intensity.

While it’s true that in the short term, active recovery helps decrease blood lactate levels more than passive recovery, the two concentrations are almost identical 100 minutes post-exercise, meaning that your run isn’t really “flushing out lactic acid” for the next day like you think it is. Might as well use it to get faster and more explosive, and not do a steady jog the whole time. My .02.

That’s a great pole plan