Cardio before, or after weight training

Thoughts on witch is a better time if any to do cardio. Before or After weight training for pitching?

I do them at different times. If I have to do them on the same day I do it after lifting.
Mine used to consist of swimming a bit, now it is the row machine or running some sprints or stairs, no a ton of it.
What sort of and how much cardio are you doing?

My son and I do about 7-8 medium distance sprints, we do hops and jumps, and we jog about a half mile. We also strength train for about 45 minutes. He likes to do his cardio before weights so that way when weights are done he can go home and relax lol so that’s why I posed the question. We had been doing cardio after but the last few times we did before.

I would suggest trying to do them on alternate days. For example - weight train on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and do agility, sprint work, plyos, and med-ball work on Tues/Thurs. This layout has worked well for my son. He also works in his throwing program on Sun/Tues/Thurs, and he hits Sun/Mon/Wed/Fri. Each workout lasts one hour or less.

You don’t want to be at all fatigued going into a lifting session. And you don’t want to try and throw or hit just after lifting weights.


this kind of set up is my favorite.

Good points from fearsomefour and structuredoc. I generally like the idea of running last (and then ending with core/abs followed by regeneration/nutrition) on days when you’re doing both lifting and conditioning consecutively so that you can maintain good form/technique for the lifting portion, where as form doesn’t matter as much during the conditioning portion.