Capped at a certain speed

Hey there, I’m a 14 year old pitcher that has been stuck at the same mph mark for around 2 months now, which is 57-61 mph. My highest reached was 63 when doing a pull down. I’m 5’10 and 160 pounds, and it still seems I pitch slower than others who are younger and smaller than me. My goal is to make the high school team next year, and I doubt I can make it due to my current speed. Does anyone have this problem and some suggestions on breaking this cap? Thanks a lot.

Hi. so im 14 as well, and i recomend throwing and working out as often as possible. this will probably help you. and if you cant seem to throw any faster, i recommend learning a couple of breaking pitches so you can use those in tandem with your fastball.

Hi. I’m 13, 5ft 4in., 120 lbs and I throw in between 65 and 70. I suggest just throwing and working. I did that this year and raised my mph by 8 in just 2 months!

I suggest that you stop throwing the baseball for awhile. Throw something like a football or even a basketball for long distance. Swing a tennis racket, baseball bat or golf club. Work on the weights mostly for the large muscle groups: legs, back, chest and shoulders. Not too much with the arms. When you start to feel stronger then warm-up the baseball throwing arm. That’s my suggestion. I know something about throwing a baseball: as I could throw 95 mph off the mound and once threw a baseball more than 400 feet at the Orange Bowl in Miami (won $500 in a throwing contest in 1988). Now I throw pretty hard as an old man of 60 (4 times your age).