Can't stay motivated!

When I do a workout I do it for like 2 days then stop for a week because i lose interest. How can i stay motivated to workout everyday?

I had this problem

basically I just couldn’t be bothered to workout because I intended to have a huge workout which didn’t seem very appealing to me

what I did was start off without having intensions to workout too hard. This meant I am able to keep working out in short bursts but still getting plenty done because I’m not pressured to do too much

This is a common problem that everyone experiences at one time or another. My advice would be to put some kind of external motivation on yourself. That could mean signing up for some kind of classes (boxing, speed training, personal training, etc.) where someone else can push you, or find a workout partner who will make sure you dont slack off.

However, it is also important to remember that self-motivation plays a big role in how well you do. Most people do not want to make the commitment to being the best. As the saying goes, “that’s why there’s only one spot at the top of the medal stand.” If you want to succeed badly enough, you’ll find a way to get it done.

Im having the same problem Kazzy. I havent been motivated to work out either and I have fall ball coming up in september. I guess I just have to push myself to do it.

I went today and just did like twenty minutes and I got bored and left early. I think I need some music to maybe make it not so boring, I dont know.

I always have the intentions to go, but then I start doing something else, and that intention goes away.

I was just talking about this in "yankeesneeddicek"s log. Try and do research on your own and find a workout that you discovered yourself. Something that you’ve never seen before. KC recommended one arm dumbell snatch to me. Thats one I do a lot. Other things I do that others don’t is wrist curls with the curling bar. I do wrist curl and wrist extension with it. Then I started with a completly differnet style of lifting. Olympic lifting. This is something you could try. What kind of facility do you have? Do you have bumper pads for a barbell so you can do olympic stuff. If you do I suggest you try them. It could be a complete tournaround for you. I love olympic style of lifting and feel that it really helps to strengthen my legs and my core. Also all of the arm’s used invlove the back muscles. So unlike bench pressing its part of your back and your arms.

KC what do you say about olympic lifting. I know your a fan but doesn’t it seem perfect for all atheltics especially baseball and pitching? Nothing overuses the arms and a lot of back. And just to get something to a clean you have to balance yourself out with your abbs similiar to pitching.

Olympic lifting is good, but there are some precautions you need to take. Good form is really important, so having a knowledgable coach around to teach you is a must. There are also some substitutions I would make, like one arm DB snatch instead of a regular barbell snatch, in order to avoid possible injuries.

It also depends on the situation. If someone needs to gain lots of strength in a couple months, then Olympic lifting would not be a good prescription. It would take at least a month to teach proper form to the point where they could safely lift moderate weight. With simpler exercises, you can go much faster.

KC how exately do you rest the bar on your shoulders in the clean phase of a lift. I never seemed to get it down. My collar bone sticks out a lot but should my shoulders be raised over my collar bone or how do I do it?

This is how Rippetoe describes it in Starting Strength:
“The ‘rack’ position has the bar resting on the deltoids, with elbows up and the upper arm nearly paralell with the floor.”

You want the bar on the meat of your shoulders, away from your collarbone and sternum. The most common fault in this position is having the elbows too low. Get the elbows high, and the rest of the position should fall into place. If you cant get to this position because of flexibility, then take a wider grip. It may take a while to gain enough flexibility in the wrists.

Ah the reverse pray. I see now. There isn’t a lot of meat there but enough that I see where they rest. I have pretty big forarms but what I always do is curl plus extension to keep flexibility. I might need a little more but thanks for the help, I’ll take weight off and practice.

My one arm snatch was up to 75lbs. and thats it for DB’s in our weight set. Since you’ve given me them I’ve done a lot. I’m about 160 lbs.

KC if I can do 75 with my right and at least 65 with my left shouldn’t I be able to do at least those combined with a bar? Or they’re totally differnet movements. Maybe I just don’t have a good “catch” form. Barbell snatch isn’t my favorite either. I like the clean and jerk.

To tell you the truth, if you can’t stay motivated, then you don’t want it bad enough.

I’ve never been real comfortable with barbell snatches, so I dont normally do them. For DB snatches, the movement is a bit different, plus you can access 100% of your lower back strength, so I dont think you’d be lifting 2x your one armed weight.

This one has always impressed me:

If your saying it impressed you for the amount of weight have you seen this one?

[quote=“Bower”]If your saying it impressed you for the amount of weight have you seen this one?


all i can is WOW haha.

Have goals. THink of something that your workouts could get you. Higher skill level? Better Physique? Women?..use those kind of things to motivate yourself…Oh, and good “pump up” music will get you on track sometimes too.