Cant Stay Healthy

I’m fourteen and I have been playing baseball for most of my life. I have an autonomic nervous system disorder and its main effects, in terms of baseball, are fatigue and I am more injury prone because my body doesnt heal properly. I had always played travel and now, I cant even try out for my high school baseball team. All I can do is play rec and even that is difficult for me. Ive played in three games and pitched in all three. I have only pitched a total of six inings and I am question whether or not I can get through the season. After one throw my elbow starts to hurt. One throw. Even today, three days since my last game in which I pitched two innings, there is still constant pain in my elbow. What can I do?? : /

I suggest you post your question on the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI) website:

Do you really enjoy the game for the game itself? Do you enjoy figuring out what works best in what situation? Do you like to study the game for the pleasure of understanding it better than most?

Baseball is unique. It’s a game that has periods of … nothing … then wammo! It’s a thinking man’s/woman’s game.

If you’re really good at all of the above, and your restrictions on playing it really doesn’t damper your love for the game - there are so many other things that can use your talent on the brain-bucket side!

Working stats, tracking player tendencies, and so forth. I know of two odds-makers in Vegas and one on LA that do a hansome 6 digit figure every year. There ability to track and stack the odds are amazing. Twice so far they’ve been offered jobs with two MLB clubs - but refused because of he $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ they’re making now.

So, use what you got to the max. Live in the passing lane son, and offer a ride to the pretty side of life in your Maserati! :eyelove:

Coach B.