Can't see the ball

I have a horable bating average life time and I think the main reason is my head turns toward third when I swing (I bat right handed). So what can I do to stop this from happening?

bite on your shirt while batting :smiley: haha one of my friends actually did this when he used to play in 7th and 8th grade to help this problem. I have no idea if it worked or not but hey it might be worth a try :?

Sometimes theres no quick trick to cure your problem. Hitting and hitting in batting cages can help but you really have to focus in on what your doing and try to correct it.

Try hitting off a tee. I had the same problem (last year my BA was .134) and my coach got me to stand with a tee for about an hour each training this season. my current BA is .276, which just showed that it works:)

It could be because you are opening up too soon. If it is you could try an open stance, and close your stance during the windup, this might help you keep your head on it.

have you ever seen coco crisp bat? he locks his chin down onto his shoulder so that his head doesnt move. try that.

yeah, double-sided taped is good too. :wink:

hah. Or just tar.That’s nice and sticky and adds the intimidation factor lol