Cant Lead with my elbow When pitching Help!

Hello Everyone. I have recelty worked on pitching and one promblem i found is when im about to release the my hand is in front of my elbow. I have tried many different release and changed the way i break my hands but when im rotating my hands lead not my elbow. One example is on the pitctures i will link you can see as pitcher is heading toward release point his hand is back and elbow foward. Anyway possible to fix this.

As you can see their hand is cocked back and elbow foward at that point my hand is on top or in front of my elbow.

Without actually seeing your delivery, from your description it sounds like you’re pushing the ball. There are a lot of drills that could help you fix this, and many on this website. Start by clicking on ARTICLES, then DRILLS.
To correct pushing the ball, start with drills that isolate the upper body and arm…such as the one knee drill and the like.
Also, most pitchers that I’ve seen push the ball have a tendency to break their hands chest high. If you do this, try breaking your hands lower, near the belt buckle.