Cant get that cutter to move

I throw a really solid fastball but im just starting yet.Recently i did a couple of trainings locating my fastball out and high out and low inside… etc .Its not going bad.My good spot is in the middle of the strike zone kinda unlucky since it is the easiest to hit .So i though of learning a cutter since i can throw a good fastball and i dont want to get hit all the time (at least at my lvl) The thing is i cant get it to move.Its just goes straight. I use the 4 seam grip just a little off.(since my fastball is a 4 seam too) maybe my thumb is bad .Any tips?

Do you really throw a good FB if you can’t locate it? You need a good 4 seam FB and change…master those first and then expand.

You are right !!!

Agree with 2022dad… your fastball should always be your best pitch, whether that’s due to velocity or pinpoint control. When you expand your fastball selection, I"d try a two seam-er before I went to a cutter, I know the cutter is all the rage, but just my opinion (since I was a mid 3/4 guy) that a good two seam-er is nasty.

PS. Change Up.