Can't get son to stop twisting wrist


I can’t get my 7-year old to stop twisting his wrist when he throws. He drops his elbow, pushing the ball, and throws with a wrist twist. I’ve tried quite a bit to get him to change it, but like a lot of kids (and he’s especially bad), he doesn’t have a great “feel” for what his muscles / body are doing and doesn’t seem to understand what I’m showing him.

Anyone have any drills or tips to address this? He’s going to get a chance to pitch on his 8U travel team this coming year and I’m trying to get him ready. He has a pretty good arm, despite the mechanical issues.


Draw a wide black line around the center of a baseball using a black magic marker. Then have your son grip the ball with the line running between his index and middle fingers. Finally, have him throw the ball with minimal wobble of the line.


Thanks, Roger – appreciate it. I suspect he’ll throw it with the line turning so quickly it will be nearly invisible, but then won’t be able to throw any other way, but I’ll give it a shot.