Canola Oil

I was reading on gaining weight/adding calories to ones diet, and read a suggestions of eating straight canola oil.

I was curious what anyones thoughts were. It didn’t seem like a bad idea to me, only 1 gram of sat fat, 120 calories, in one tablespoon. It would be an easy way to add some calories. And I’m skinny enough that fat isn’t a big deal, and the fact that I’m still burning more than I’m eating.

I was gonna invest in some N Large II as soon as school gets out, (1 week), my goal is 160lbs for next season (Feb 15) and I’m 135 right now and still growing.

i dont know about n large II but i remember N large being filled with sugars…I never took any of those mass building supps, but I did think about it and looked into them and i remember “up your mass” looking the best

canola oil is great, great source for healthy fat, but I wouldn’t drink straight out of the bottle…mix it with a protein shake, cook food in it like eggs