Why Young Baseball Pitchers Should Learn Changeups Before Curveballs

This is a MUST to read, by Steven Ellis. If you can print it out -do so and put that printed page in a three ring binder with all your other pitching notes.

This article that Steven Ellis just published is bottom line … floor boards stuff for any one of you who want to be effective.

What’s the best way to lean a solid STRIKE quality change-up/off-speed? Find a grip that fits your delivery style, then start volunteering to toss BP (batting practice) for your club… any club … any age (with in reason)

I trip’d upon this combination of using progressive pitcihers that didn’t have, or, had problems with such a pitch … by putting them behind the protective screen and tossing a few. This all happend by accident on my part… not by design. Normally, pitching coaches toss quality BP. In any event, the combination of using BP to teach pitchers how and what a change-up looks like, feels like, does, without the pressures of game time. By the way, your club’s line up will appreciate the quality contacts.
So, enter into your pitcher’s notebook this pitch quality selection, you’ll be glad you did.

WHAT??? You haven’t started writing up a pitching notebook of your own?!! Well, you’d better get started there fella … the season is under way !

Coach B.

Good points…actually, if you’re searching for an effective change up look no further than a 2 seamed BP fastball. Keep it simple and throw it for strikes on all counts…