Hey guys, I’m not sure how I came accross this site but it’s definitly something I didn’t know I was looking for. Little about me, I’m a 22 year old LHP from Saint John New Brunswick Canada. I’m very unfortunate that my baseball seasons are very short and no facilitys in my area to do much indoor work. I been exposed to year round baseball when I was 18 and have fallen in love with it. (Hockey is the main sport here so it was my focus) I’v had little to non pitching coaching and growing up I was Outfield and wasn’t converted into a pitcher untill Scouts put me on the mound and told me to stay. I think these forums will be amazing for me, it’s the only source of pitch coaching I have to me so I plan on useing it to my full potential. Sunday will be the first indoor session my summer team is going to have so hopefully I’ll be able to post a bullpin Vid the following sunday.

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Yes a finally i have found fellow LHP that is canadian. for the record we dont all live in igloos have pet polar bears and drink tim hortons everyday… just the cool canadians do that stuff 8)

What? I thought if you were a left handed pitcher and canadian you were automatically cool!!!

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