Canada vs USA for hockey gold

3 minutes left in the 2nd. Great game so far. Canada up 2-1.

Go Canada go!!

We keepa comin!


I feel fate for the USA!!

we lost. crap.

:ole: Canada!!! Awesome game folks. I like it even more because the winning goal was by Sidney Crosby, from my home town!!

I knew Crosby was going to do something you can’t silence him forever. It looks like DM and his Canadians got us on this one.

No, the USA was THE better team, and we all know it. Even though Crosby is awesome, and my favorite player, I say he got lucky.

Plus Ryan Miller is the Olympics MVP. Take that Brodeur.

I’ll agree about Ryan Miller. He was fantastic all tournament. Sorry, but I’ll have to disagree on the better team thing. They were both amazing.

[quote=“kevinbert28”]Even though Crosby is awesome, and my favorite player, I say he got lucky.[/quote]…and you don’t think Kesler’s tipped shot goal was lucky?

No, it just seems, the USA had the momentum. And Crosby ruined it. The Kesler goal was well set up. So was the Crosby goal. I’m just mad now, pardon me.

Oh, and I just can’t resist saying “take that Ovechkin!”

I would have been pretty bummed had the US scored. You did have momentum in the 3rd period but not in OT. Canada seems to do this. We play on our heels at the end of big games.

Canucks…Congrats. :lol: :smiley:
Bad weekend for my sports…UK lost, but then U of L beat UConn…but then the yanks get beat…makes me feel like the Cubs are splitting a double header…

Vancouver and Toronto are going WILD right now.

Canadian Wild???
You mean they’ll be up past bed time? I bet they even have a BEER :shock: gasp…

Well, as wild as Canadians can actually get. You’re right about the beer though.

I’m always glad to see the Russians lose. :wink: :slight_smile:

As a Canuck, I can see lots of potential for our team in future Olympics with the likes of youngsters like Sidney Crosby, Johnathan Toewes, etc.

What is really interesting is the age of the American team. Zach Parise, Patrick Kane, etc. You guys should be even more awesome in 4 years, if the NHL allows it to happen.

Both countries showed amazing play - the NHL can be very proud of its product. Very proud.

Coach B.

I thought the entire game was played at a very fast playoff tempo. Very exciting. Congrats to both teams for a very successful Olympic games.