Canada or USA?

My dream is to play in the MLB and i’ll do anything for that to come true. I know im looking into the future, im in the 10th grade. When I graduate, im gunna go into collage or university and i was wondering were I would get noticed better, a collage or university in Canada or the USA (im Canadian)
Please if you know any collages or universitys in Canada or the USA please tell me, thank you.

Probably the U.S.A.

I thinksince most MLB teams are in the U.S. then you would get more looks from scouts in the U.S.

thanks that what i though.


Try to elevate your game to the junior national level in Canada as a high schooler … it’ll make your job much, much easier getting a scholarship to play ball at a college in the US. My college roommate was the 4th best prep prospect in Canada in 1997 and was drafted by the Twins. He got a full ride with me to pitch at Bradley University in Peoria, IL, and went the college route.

The only strong College in Canada is University of British Columbia (NAIA) they are the only program up here that routinely produces draft picks. Unless you have your heart set on staying in Canada and trying to get drafted their your best choice.

All other Baseball up here at the Collegiate level pails in comparisson to the quality of Baseball that is played at the Collegiate level in the U.S.

Usually College Baseball up here is for guys who just want to continue playing Baseball or for guys who couldn’t hack it down in the States, or for guys who have used up their eligibility in the States and still haven’t gotten their degree and want to come home to get it and to continue to play.