Can you use woodbats

Hi I was wondering if you could use wood bats in “thebaberuthleague” because it’s my first year in it thanks. :goofball: :baseballbatter: :baseballbatter: :baseballbatter: :baseballbatter: :baseballbatter:

Yes, you can if you want… But most kids wil be using aluminum. I wish all baseball was wood, starting in tee ball through pro ball! But that’s me

Ok thanks. I love using woodbats i can hit 350 but aluminum 230 if that and Mr.steven did u like playing MLB. :?:

I had my first 5 for 5 with a 30in wood bat when I was 10. I hit two triples, batted twice one inning, I loved it.

I think it was also my first 4 for 4, and 3 for 3. My coach was always batting me 9th, and before the game I complained in front of the team after he read off the lineup. He asked me wtf my prob was, basically. I was so mad. It must have motivated me.

Brandon090, you are saying that you can hit 350 avg but only hit 230 avg with aluminum…totally backwards, aluminum and composite bats have so much of a larger sweet spot that it makes it easier, I think you just haven’t found the right bat weight or length for you…find it and you will see that aluminum is much better than wood for you.