Can you remember your first time pitching in a game?


What did it feel like being on the mound at first? Was it hard? Did you throw a lot of strikes? Describe your first time on the mound below.


I can’t remember actually.


I remember pitching as early as 8 or 9 years old in farm league. It was a lot of fun and I couldn’t wait to get on a real mound. I can remember, my first time on a little league mound even though it was 4 decades ago. I remember it because it went soooo badly. In between all my wild pitches, I walked a bunch of batters and plunked almost as many before getting the hook. It was difficult to get back out there, but I did. I got my emotions under control and eventually pitched as a Little League All-star when I was 11 and 12 years old. I took another short break from pitching when my jump to Senior Little League (full 60’6") didn’t go so well. I enjoyed catching and playing other defensive positions because I was really good no matter where I was put. Why invite disaster or stress, I thought? I got to HS and ended up re-kindling my pitching career with tremendous success. My Varsity coach didn’t even know I could pitch until I volunteered to pitch during a team practice. I eventually pitched in a state championship and two American Legion zone championships as well as a regional playoff. Being a pitcher is a tough road with lots of ups and downs. It’s great for developing character, but it’s definitely not for everyone. I continued to pitch in adult baseball leagues for another 20 years. I’m now in training to make my over-50 league debut :wink:

I remember a lot of my baseball youth. I simply sit back sometimes, close my eyes, and I’m back there. It never fails to put a smile on my face.


Haha pitching is a lot of fun but it’s definitely not easy. There are so many times after a bad game where I’m like, “why did i decide to be a pitcher”, then after a great game it’s more like, “there’s no position I would rather play”. lol. Good luck on the 50+ debut btw


I also remember my first time pitching, it went so badly. i walked more batters than i threw strikes and ended up giving up 5 runs in that inning before getting subbed for. for the next few times i tried pitching i managed to keep the runs lost to 1 or 2 every inning. I don’t know why i kept trying to pitch but i’m really glad i did cause there is no other position i’d rather play. the other day i came out to close out the game for my travel team and struck out 2 and no runs lost. I’m in highschool btw and the first time pitching was probably 6th grade.