Can You Pitch a Perfect Game?

Here is a pretty addicting pitching game. I couldn’t do it, but can you pitch a perfect game?

Funny you should post this. My brother and I used to do this all the time when we were younger. I just found it again yesterday and threw a perfect game my first time.

What? I can’t even pitch one inning perfect! :x

I kept striking out the same guy over and over and eventually I figured out the game wasn’t progressing…

Do you have to register on candystand to play the full game?


I kept doing FB, FB, KN lol

That’s an awesome little game and a great way to kill time!

Wow. Addicting.

…But fustrating.

Wow. I have learned the hard way that it is MUCH easier to play this on a desktop then it is on a laptop.

I too learned that!

Realisticly (spelling?) this guy would be unhittable. 100 mph fastball, 60 mph curve, 70 mph slider, and a knuckleball! LOL.


And a sinker!

His sinker is more like a splitter. 8)

How is his slider 70 mph though? And his curve is 60!

Gotta love the magic of computer gaming

Does anyone know how to keep going and not restart once you retire the first batter? I tried registering and it didn’t work.

It restarts me too. I retired the first batter several times haha

works great for me… im using firefox

i struck out 9 straights before giving up a weak single using only heat. hsaha this guy can bring it.

I pitched 8 innings perfect but in the 9th the last batter hit one down the line so not quite perfect.


that game is fun

YES I Can!

26 Strikeouts![/img]